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Well, we finally finished Chesty's newest adventure.  Actually, it is a look back at a past adventure - Boot Camp.  In Chesty's new book, "A Marine's Tail: Chesty Goes to Boot Camp," you can read about how it all began for Chesty.  You can follow him from the recruiter's office to the parade deck at Marine Corps Recruit Depot on graduation day.

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PRICE:  You may be thinking that $20 is a lot to pay for a children's book, and I don't disagree.  However, ALL (i.e. 100%) of the proceeds from the book will be donated to the Semper Fi Fund to help our wounded Marines and Sailors.  So in essence, you are making a $20 donation to the Semper Fi Fund, and receiveing a FREE children's book (sort of).

Thanks for you support. 

Semper Fi! 

Brandon W. Barnett


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Marine Captain Vincent Bosquez reviewed "A Salute to Our Heroes." Here's what he said:

[A Salute to Our Heroes: The U.S. Marines] has skillfully captured the essence of more than 200 years of Marine Corps history, along with the Corps’ core values of honor, courage and commitment, in a way that will keep a child’s attention from cover to cover.

The hardback book is written in a delightful rhyming cadence with Chesty the Bulldog, the Corps’ mascot, giving a fun-filled, exuberant account of life as a Marine.

Chesty begins his narrative on the yellow footprints of a U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, where every recruit’s journey begins: “Marines first go to boot camp, where drill instructors are loud. If they pass, they become one of the few and proud.”

Beautifully simplistic in its rhetoric, the book covers the basics of marksmanship and physical training, along with touching upon the ways a Marine can attack by land, air or sea. It even acknowledges the heartbreaking truth that sometimes a Marine has to leave family and friends behind in order to protect and defend America’s interests abroad.

The illustrations by Rebecca Wochner give the book added appeal by featuring Chesty in a multitude of military scenarios that easily capture and stimulate the imagination of young and old alike.
To read more of Captain Bosquez's review, click HERE.

The First-Ever Illustrated Children's Book About the United States Marine Corps

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Written by Active-Duty Marine Brandon W. Barnett and illustrated by the talented Rebecca Wochner, this hardback colorful rhyming book takes readers on an exciting journey into the world of the U.S. Marines - America's elite military force. Children of all ages can follow along with Chesty the bulldog - the Marine Corps' mascot - as he teaches them all about the important job of the U.S. Marines.

Sales of this book help support the Injured Marine - Semper Fi Fund (a great cause)!